Peeps waiting for the stream, I think I need to take the night off. Looking forward to a fresh start in the morning with @PlayVALORANT! Keep an eye out on the YouTube over the next few weeks for some CSGO content to be posted as well 🤘🏻

A new vid is up on my channel from the time I teamed up w/ @CouRageJD, check it out: https://youtu.be/8uM73YN5TSE

Shout out to @GameFuel, they've been keeping me on point. Get some for yourself: https://bit.ly/GameFuelxN0thing

#VictoryInACan #GameFuelPartner

headache headache, go away. Gonna film alil sponsor content and then try to stream as my head feels better. Plan for a slightly delayed sub thursday stream!

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